Tuesday, 25 March 2008

easter weekend

Shannon and i spend saturday evening doing each others nails............



Shannon made flapjacks to take to grandma's on sunday

Brandon made some chocolate nests to take to grandma's


Friday, 21 March 2008

my easter trees!!!!

i did alot of growing up in germany while my dad was in the forces and over there they seem to be big on their easter trees. it's something that we've also done and i continue to do now.i love then so much i do two,just like at christmas,i do two trees :)

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

wire work

silver wire and green glass beads

black beads and wire

paper crafting

file decorated with paper windmills and filled with greetings cards

'family' star book with tags and pockets

some of the stuff i've done.............


hero arts stamp

penny black stamp

hero atrs stamp

hero arts stamped onto acetate with gold flakes on the back

my first post..........

well this is me,diving into the world of blogging!! i've been 'chatting' to some girls on the bubbly funk forum and they've been telling me that i need to have one!!!

Not much goes on in my life at the mo,i'm a sahm and have 3 children,so apart from the usual family stuff,which i'm sure you have enough of your own to keep you busy without having to read about mine too,all i really do is crafting.

i'm going to be using this blog just to keep all my crafting stuff together. You're welcome to take inspiration from the work you see,but if you do,could i just ask that you give credit where credit is due,as will i :)