Friday, 28 January 2011

Hazel's christmas card challenge.

Craftynuthazel has started a new challenge blog-she's challenging us with a new challenge each week to make some christmas cards,and since it started on the 1st january there have been 4 challenges-i've done 2!! (at least thats 2 cards ready for christmas:))
week 1-anything goes.....i've used angelina fibres,sequins and seed beads stitched on by hand:)

week 3-lets see some trees.....same stuff used!!! oh and a bit of paper cord:)

Milliande catch up!

not really much of a catch up!!......just catching up with blogging the ones i've done!!
day 4-paint a face with zebra accents. bit weird this one-she looks like she's in shock hehe....perhaps she doesn't like the fact that i used a permanent marker on the next page and it came through!! (i stopped using the pen!)

day 5-paint a zebre hand....(how wide is my hand!!! looks like a shovel LOL)

day 6 millipede me!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Milliande day 3

I'm doing well-i've just finished my day 3 and i haven't missed a day yet LOL
Day 3 had us making a print block-i made mine from mount board and i used watered down acrylic paints to print with. I tried 'neat' paints but they were so sticky it was leaving a layer of mount board on my page!!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Milliande Art Journal

I've been working on Milliande's art journal challenge for the last few days....she's on day 10 and i'm on day 3 LOL.......she's been challenging herself for the last few years to journal each day in January,in 2009 she managed to do 12 2010 she managed 29 days..i wonder if she'll manage the whole month this year-more to the point-how far will i get,at this rate i'll be doing them in february!!!
so here's days 1 and 2.
i'm working on making some printing blocks for day 3 at the moment:)