Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Journal Pages

Thought i'd show you what i've been up to in my journal :)
you'll notice that i used alot of karen's and kaz's paints because i didn't take mine with me because i was on 3 trains with a case and last year i too so much stuff i could hardly carry the darn thing LOL........so thank you very much girls for the use of your paints and sprays :)
this is the page that kaz talked us through at the retreat:)

this is another page that kaz talked us through-just the background technique-i've decided to use this one as my doodling sample page!!

this background is a technique that karen showed us using paints,water and sprays:)

this ia a page i started at the retreat using some of kaz's lovely stamps-think it needs something else but not sure what!!

a background using kaz's texture paints........

just playing around using kaz'z and karen's paints and kaz'z stamps ;)

this is one i've started at home......all on my own and using my own paints LOL

and finally (you'll be pleased to know!!) i did a whole page all on my at home.....it's a toad-although he looks more like a frog!!! it says' 'i'm a toadie' because thats what the bubblies who didn't go called the bubblies who did go!!! and the rest of the writing is phrases that were repeated over the weekend :)

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Bubbly Retreat.

Last weekend a few of us from bubbly funk went away for a crafty weekend-which was fab. It was lovely to see everyone again.It didn't take us long to get settled in and it was like it hadn't been a year since we last each other:)
I managed to get a few bits done over the weekend,all of which i'm plaesed with:)

Kaz and Karen gave us some ideas and tips on doing journal pages-think i might carry on with this-it is rather addictive!
I also raded Di's chipboard bag and used some of her croco paints to make a wall hanging-it just needs something to hang it with!
I finished a beading class that Paddy showed us last year-i managed to work the basic stitching out but needed Paddy to show me how to make it into a point.
and Leigh showed us how to do decopatch-that's the 'LOVE' letter's!
I also did a few beading projects:)