Saturday, 16 January 2010

it's just an illusion........

i started making this this morning and nearly got to the end and crimped a crimp bead too hard and went through the illusion cord so had to start again!! i'm glad i did because i rather like it :)

(looks a bit gold in the photos but it infact silver!!!)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

front cover

i've finally managed to do my front cover for my journal,infact it's pretty good going for me as we're only on the 10th !!!

(the inking round the edge really isn't that harsh!!! looks better IRL !)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

365 challenge challenge

over on bubbly funk some of us have got ourselves into a challenge. it's called 2010 365 challenge not sure why it's called a calendar coz it's more like a journal!!! anyway,i've decided to join in with this one because you only need to write in a 4cm square each day and i'm sure even i can manage that LOL.
here's the 1st page - january.

i've used,inks paints and foam stamps and some scraps of paper......i've also added to this challenge for myself not to buy anything to do this journal - just use what i have.
here's the finished page :)

to do the title i used my cricut with a new fabby programme that dh got me for christmas -sure cuts alot2 :) took me a while because it was the 1st time i'd used it but i managed to move each letter to a different angel and weld them together,then i worked out how to cut a shadow for it :) all with the help of you tube!!