Wednesday, 29 December 2010

byzantine bracelet

This is my 1st go at chainmaile.....and i really enjoyed doing it:)
I got a kit for this bracelet back in october at a bead fair,it took me a while to pluck up the courage to start it because i thought it was going to be way to difficult!
Once i started it it took me ages because i only did a bit here and there while the veggies were cooking LOL.
I finally finished it this morning and i'm rather pleased with it :)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

heart,art and healing-week 1

Yay! i did it!!!!
i finished week 1.......and i have to say that i'm truly amazed at what i've done:)even if she does look a bit moody LOL
i've NEVER drawn a face before,never painted before and never done backgrounds like this before......and whats even more amazing is that i've got something half decent out of it :)
i used a ton of stuff on the pages!!
acylic paints,watercolour pencils,inktense pencils,stamps and inks and pearly paint...ok-thats doesn't sound like a lot now i've 'written' it down LOL
it was really good fun too.thank soo much Tam...can't wait for next week when we'll be using a board book (class goes up on monday-i think!)

Thursday, 14 October 2010

catch up time!!!

i seem to have fallen a bit behind with the 25th club on bubbly funk (again!).....and i've forgotten to do one-sorry kaz!! i will get round to it :)
joannes challenge was to use a photo that she shared for inspiration-it was a photo of gold baubles covering a flight of cards are a bit simple but they are gold and do have baubles on them.......

hazel asked us to do cards where the wording was the main focus.....i've only done one so far.....

this next card is made using some free papers from a magerzine (can't remember which one!) and i've copied a card that was in the magerzine because i thought it was cute :) (used a different image though!)

this card was made using some bits and pieces i got from craftwork cards...

and finally.....are you still with me LOL....
2 cards that i made using a new set of stamps from woodware.....i love how these have turned out but they were a lot of hard work because it was difficult to find buttons and brads and other bits that would fit!! i think next time i'll try just colouring them all in LOL........

Sunday, 3 October 2010

no crafting-just a little update!!

the other day i joined ukstampers by following a link on angelnorths blog-it seems a nice little friendly forum,which is good for me because i get 'lost' on big forums-which is why i LOVE bubblyfunk sooo much :)
looking through their (ukstampers!) daily chat i came across a post by lorraine saying that she'd joined a free online course for art journalling-now i love the look of this stuff but can never quite get my head around it so the thought of a free course appealed to me because i didn't want to spend a load on a course i wasn't going to enjoy and get nothing out of it!!i know that sounds terrible,but it's true!!
you'll find the details of the course here ...i've signed up and watched the video that tam has put on there,but now i'm a bit worried because it sounds like a lot of stuff about 'me'.......i'm not very good at talking 'deeply' about me-i get embarrassed about it! the deepest thing i can say about me is that i just like being me and thats all there is to it-i don't know why i like being me-i just do!!! so i think my pages will be a bit empty LOL.......but i'll give it a good go :)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

mum's earrings

goodness me-was it really july i lasted posted something!!!

mum asked me to make her some earrings....she showed me some that she had and said that i'd made them (but i really don't remember them!) anyway,she wanted them'like these,but with out this bit and a bit longer but in black!'
so this is what i did.......and luckly she likes them :)

Monday, 26 July 2010

25th club

the 25th club's challenge over on bubbly funk this month was to include angels on your cards........
here's my 2
the pinky one was coloured in using my limited supply of copic pens!!!(i used every colour i have LOL) not to the standards of you guys but it's the 1st time i've used them and i'm pretty pleased with this attempt :)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

macrame bracelet

been playing with macrame again :)
i used DMC threads,i kept the six strands together and used 2 of theses for the middle bit and 2 for doing the knots. feels a bit lose to me but when i tried to push the knots up closer to make it tighter you couldn't see the knots!!!
so i'll have to try different threads if i do any more macrame jewerlly!!

Monday, 12 July 2010

flying oddities!!!

these are a bit odd-they're meant to be dragonflies LOL!!
we i was about 8 i made a macrame pot holder at school......i was thinking about this the other day and thought 'if i could do it at 8 then it should be no trouble!!' ,i found these little things on you tube.....they were very fiddly to make and i think if i made any more i'd need to concentrate on the body length!!!

Friday, 9 July 2010

vanilla sugar

the challenge over on the vanilla sugar blog this month is to 'decorate, make or alter a box, jar or tin.'
i've decorated a box that had incence sticks in. it's a very simply decorated box because it's the inside that counts!
i've made it for my daughters 18th at the end of the month....she collects these beads so i thought i'd make her something to store them in...i've got her another bracelet and some beads and left some space so she can put the one's she already has into it.

Friday, 25 June 2010

birthday present

i've made this simple bracelet for a girl at work.......not much else to say really LOL...

Monday, 21 June 2010

1st one in ages!!!

i've been sorting though my photos and have them dating as far back as 1987!!! i'm hoping that now they are all in date order i will want to do some scrapbooking!!!
i've done one so far!
this is my husband (fiance at the time!)and i at cheddar gorge-it's one of our 'happy places' :)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

christmas card catch up!!!

over on bubbly funk we have a christmas card challenge to make 2 cards a month to a given theme. i'd fallen way behind with this and spend most of last week catching up with them........
febuarys challenge was set by tracey,and she wanted us to use animals.......

i cut the reindeer on my cricut and the background papers came free in a magazine many moons ago!!

march's challenge was set by kaz,she wanted us to use snowmen and sparkle....

aprils challenge was set by janice and she gave us a sketch to work from......

mays challenge was set by gez-gez didn't ask for much LOL,she wanted us to use red and green,make our own background,include a tag and an inchie!!!

june's challenge was set by tracey,and she wanted us to use christmas flora......

Monday, 24 May 2010

leaving present :(

one of the girls at work is leaving on sunday :( i really like her,so i decided to make her a small gift. she does beading too and i'm sure she'll like what i've made for her (well i hope she does LOL)
just a simple beaded bracelet with some wire wrapping.

Friday, 9 April 2010

wire and butterfly wreath.

for mothers day this year i brought my mum a wire wreath to hang in her summer house,leigh and i set ourselves a challenge to make one ........not sure where lieghs at with hers ( i expect she's forgotten LOL) but i've finished mine! not sure that i like it though,but at least i gave it a go :)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

swarovski crystal necklace and earrings.

this necklace has taken me far longer to make than it should've done LOL there's alot of wire wrapping in it so i did a bit at a time!!!

i've used silver plated wire,closed jumprings (so the wire didn't have a gap to go through and come off!) clear swarovski crystals and a toggle clasp. the earrings were made using the same components.

Monday, 15 March 2010

i'm really pleased with this............

i've been wanting to have a go at making a fabric book for some time now, so when i saw march's challenge over on vanilla sugar it pushed me forward :)

i made it using just plain pastel coloured cottons. the 'pages' are cream and the cover is purple on the outside and pink on the inside (only because i didn't have enough of either colour to do it all the same!!)

so,then i needed to decorate the cover........i decided to use the colour scheme in the whispers of colour challenge over on bubbly scrumptious it's a weekly challenge and this one was set saturday 6th march so i'm a bit late with it!!!!........the colours to use were peach,lemon or cream and pink.....i misread it and did lemon,cream and pink!!! (well at least i tried LOL)

i'm planning on using this book to put in little samplers of fabric theme,just going with the flow :)

Friday, 12 March 2010

mother's day......

here's the present i got for my mum....i'm thinking it will look nice in her summer house :)

i've wrapped it like this for a bit of fun......she'll never guess what it might be LOL.

the card i made came from an idea on fiskars that caroline made :)(scroll down a bit!)