Sunday, 3 October 2010

no crafting-just a little update!!

the other day i joined ukstampers by following a link on angelnorths blog-it seems a nice little friendly forum,which is good for me because i get 'lost' on big forums-which is why i LOVE bubblyfunk sooo much :)
looking through their (ukstampers!) daily chat i came across a post by lorraine saying that she'd joined a free online course for art journalling-now i love the look of this stuff but can never quite get my head around it so the thought of a free course appealed to me because i didn't want to spend a load on a course i wasn't going to enjoy and get nothing out of it!!i know that sounds terrible,but it's true!!
you'll find the details of the course here ...i've signed up and watched the video that tam has put on there,but now i'm a bit worried because it sounds like a lot of stuff about 'me'.......i'm not very good at talking 'deeply' about me-i get embarrassed about it! the deepest thing i can say about me is that i just like being me and thats all there is to it-i don't know why i like being me-i just do!!! so i think my pages will be a bit empty LOL.......but i'll give it a good go :)


Angelnorth said...

I reckon the thing to remember is that there isn't a right or wrong way to do art journalling Tracy - you don't need to be "deep"! If you think about the stuff you tell us in daily chat on BF you have a good starting point I think as it tells you what struck you as significant (I can see a page of "Kery Louise looks great in her new pink coat, we had so much fun choosing it" or "Paige laid an extra big egg today" or "Apple and toffee pies - yum!"). Have fun with it!

Caroline said...

I agree with tell a story so well that we feel we are part of it you by what you say every day on the Bubbly forum... :o)
I am sure you will really enjoy it....x

Gez said...

OOOh Tracy FAB news to hear you've joined up! Think there are a few of us from BF that have signed up too! so we can all hold hands together. :D
Have fun.

Lorraine said...

glad you stopped by my blog and joined the course. I have problems with being too personal in my art journals and blogging about it as I like to keep some things private. Therefore I tend to use journals as experiments in art talking about things like inspiration, the seasons and nature, finding time for art general subjects we can all relate too. I have nothing against artists being personal and deep..its just not me. So dont dread doing an art journal have fun and do your own thing

Kristin Dudish said...

Excellent - I've joined too (I also found out about it in a round about way)!

I'll 'see' you in class :)

(I think your blog header is such fun!!!)