Wednesday, 29 August 2012

for my daddy!!!

a while ago dad came down from the bathroom with an empty loo roll middle and plonked it on my desk and said ''ere,make something with that!'.....i'm thinking he expected me to make a pencil pot LOL.......i have to admit that was my 1st thought :) then i thought of a bracelet but knew he'd never wear it LOL so iasked for some help with ideas.......and the loo roll flower was born:) dad thought it was brilliant and laughed out loud!! then he said 'Ooo i thought you were giving me a dream catcher the way you held it up then!' and without thinking i said 'i can make you one of those too if you like!'........i really need to think these things through before i say them out loud because mum and dad think that i can make anything and everything!!! (bless them!) so i had to search on how to make a dream's not perfect but i'm pretty sure dad will love it-i'll give it to him on friday with his birthday presents:)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

a few bracelets

made a few bracelets yesterday-nothing very exciting-just simple ones!! the cross one with clear beads is for mum,the cross one with 'pearls' is for me (or i might give that to mum too!) and the shambella is for the girl mike works with-she asked for this colour combo:)