Sunday, 22 July 2012

shambella bracelets.

leigh showed us how to make these while at the retreat in may this year-i finally got round to getting some decent beads and cord to have a go at home......the white one is for kerry-lousie and shannon's wanting a pink one..........the other's are mine LOL

Saturday, 14 July 2012

sally's birthday meal........

one of both our families mutal friends (i've know them since i was knee high to a grass hopper!!) decided it was a good idea to go to a wine bar with an a la carte menu.....think he forgot it was for sally's birthday coz she really doesn't do that sort of thing at all!! mike and i (and from the faces i could see sally pulling) weren't overly impressed with it all!!! although the dishes were presented nicely :) we were told that this is a amuse-bouche....this confused us a little......we don't get out much LOL
this is my starter-beetroot risotto with goats cheese.....was expecting chunks of beetroot! it was only just warm and tasted like sweet rice pudding!!! the goats cheese was nice though:)
this was mikes starter....king scallops on black pudding....strange texture aren't they!!! the black pudding was nice:)
this was my main......the menu was full of fish and 2 different steaks,venison and 1 veggie option-i thought i'd play safe and pick the veggie option......vegetables with a puff pastry top......think they must've used the same pan as one of the fish dishes coz my veg tasted like fish:(
mikes main.......venison......think i should've gone with that!!!! was the nicest thing on the table that night!!
company was good though :)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

sally's birthday card

i seem to have negleated my blog for a while.....i'm blaming the fact that i've been showing stuff on FB!!! it's my MIL's birthday on tuesday-she'll be 70. i really struggled to do this card and had no idea what to do. mike said 'just make mum a card-forget it's her 70th!' so i decided to go with green since that's her favorite colour and i thought i might do an easel card since i've not done one of those before......this is what i came up with....mike thought it best not to put her age on it!!!
*when did blogger change! don't think i like it!!!*