Tuesday, 29 July 2008

think pink........

My challenge this week is to use the colours Pink and Black to create cards for any ocassion. So the middle of the card would be kept blank for the person to write their own message, whatever it may be. The cards can be other colours as well, but should contain some pink and some black....this challenge was set by caroline on bubbly funk.........this is my card

Golden oldies......

it's time for a dcm challenge,haven't done one for a while!!

NOW ! - on to this weeks dare - we have a team dare this week, and we were thinking.....with so many new things /latest papers/ trendy stuff constantly coming on the market, we thought it would be nice to have a look back, and dig out some of our 'old' papers and embellishments and make a card with our 'preloved' treasures. I think the tendency these days is to get on the 'latest must have' band wagon, sometimes, its nice to recognise what we already have- even if it isn't the 'latest' embellishment/paper.

this is mine,i've done spirella,i used to do this just as much as teabag folding!!!

Friday, 11 July 2008

been busy.............

i've been really busy these past few days so i've a few things to show off!!!
1st off is a scrapbook that i made for my mil's birthday,it's of my dd's prom that happened last month,i've kept it simple because thats my mil's style in crafty things!!

dragonfly and butterfly cards

i was just playing with my stamps one afternoon and this is what i did!!! i sent the yellow one to a friend on bubbly funk

leaving card

i do some volunteering at barnardo's and the manager is leaving to go to work with our council in the housing department,so i made her a card with houses on it!!!
the stamp is by magenta and i stamped it a few times to create a row,i 3d one of them and coloured it with a glitter gel pen.

crochet blanket

i've been teaching myself how to crochet with the help of books from the library and you tube!! in the past i've tried different stiches and just pulled it all out when i've had a go,so i thought it was about time that i tried to make something.......granted it's only a blanket,but it's for a new niece whos getting christened next week (thank goodness i managed to finish it!) so i learned a new stitch and found a video on you tube on how to make a little heart,i then tried to make a bigger one but it didn't work with the stitch in the video so i had to work that bit out!! i'm really pleased with the end result and i hope my uncle and antie will be too :)

think pink

i've made a pack of cards for the think pink champain (see link to the right!)