Sunday, 20 November 2011

bit more journalling..........

more prompts from kaz..........
'I'm not weird,i'm limited edition'

'If only mosquitoes sucked fat'

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

more journalling........

while looking at suzie's blog i was inspired by her 'take flight' page......this is mine...not liking the lettering though-couldn't get any of my pens to write clearly where i'd put glue!!

kaz has given us another prompt to use over on bubbly funk 'i used to have an open mind but then my brain fell out'!!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


over on bubbly funk kaz has set us a fun challenge for art journalling.
we were to use this quote 'life is short so smile while you still have teeth' good quote i thought and thought to myself 'i can do this!' well while i was trying to think of something to do everyone else was coming up with such great ideas and i was in danger of getting left behind! i just couldn't get my own ideas coming and was very tempted just to copy!!
kaz suggested googling,so thats what i did....... 1st i thought of a skull with a pasted smile on it-life being short and ending up with a skull!,and smiling-but i thought that was a bit morbid LOL,then i printed a smile and coloured it bright red with inktense pencils and while doing this i was thinking 'that looks like the jokers mouth!' i searched for a picture of him and went from there......not sure if the page is worth all the worry about but it's done now hehe.