Saturday, 16 May 2009


over on bubbly funk some of the girls have been lucky enough to go away together to have a weekend full of crafting and chatting,those that are left behind are doing a mini crop between us -thanks to kathy for the great idea :)
joanne put a class up to make a pop up gift card's mine............

i used a sketch from kathys sketch blog (1st time i've used a sketch for a card-and i liked it :)) the papers i used came free from a magerzine-can't remember which one or when (sorry!) the blue bit inside should fit but it was a bit of scrap i found on my desk and i wanted to use it,so i did LOL i figured it didn't matter that white was showing on the inside of the card because there was white showing on the front :D

Thursday, 7 May 2009

a very blue star book!!

i was showing my hairdresser the other week my 'very pink star book' and she asked me to make a blank blue one so she could give it to a freind of hers. i hope they like it :)