Monday, 14 April 2008

oscars goody bag swap!!!!

i'm getting involved with cyber crop on uks and one of the pre-crop challenges is to do a 'goody bag' for our swappee. in it we have to include an 'escort' ie little teddy dressed for the oscars!! along with some other bits and pieces,and a bag or box to put them all in.

this is my escort that i have dressed and i've made her little tiara

and this is the bag i've made!! i've been teaching myself how to crochet!! i just did a basic long rectangle for the main part and 2 smaller ones for the side and a long bit for the handle,didn't follow a pattern,just made it up as i went you can see!! anyway i'm pleased with it,it's the first thing i've crocheted other than squares!!!!


Janice said...

Your handbag is awesome Tracy! Well done you - that is quite a departure after doing squares. I'm sure your swappee will be thrilled.

Karen said...

I love the little bag you have crocheted, it looks so professional, well done!

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Great bag! I never got past the squares! Well done!

Christine said...

The bag is just fab! Well done, what a great first project! Love the cute bear - her outfit is lovely and her tiara is just plain CUTE!

TraceyR said...

Tracy what a lovely little bag. Fab colour too.

You are a clever girl teaching yourself to crochet. :)