Sunday, 21 February 2010

the 25th club.

here we go again :)
we're onto making our christmas cards for this year over on bubbly funk this year we've decide to take it in turns to set it as a challenge each month.....incase you're wondering....i'm setting the challenge in.......december!!!! no point thinking about it just yet because it'll probably be done in the meantime LOL
anyway joanne set us the challenge in january (yes i did do it on time-i just forgot to share!!)it went something like this
"Turquoise (or blue) and silver
Swirl(s) of some sort (could be stamped, doodled, chippie, embossed, grungeboard, whatever)
Something sparkly or shiny (e.g. glitter, gems, metal)
here's what i did :)


Janice said...

Well done Tracy,at this rate you might get February's cards done by March!

Kaz said...

Fab stuff there Tracy, I love the scallopy border xx

Angelnorth said...

these look fab Tracy - love the little bit of sparkle on the birdies' hats and your blue and silver one looks so sophisticated, great job!

Gez said...

Gorgeous Tracy. :-D

Hazel said...

Lovely, Tracy - love the border. And the card for your mum is so pretty - and the bag turned out well despite being a hassle for you.

Traceyr said...

Great cards there Tracy - thought I had already commented but it seems I hadn't.

Wonderful work as always Tracy.