Monday, 30 November 2009

another award :)

just like buses......not one for ages then 2 at once LOL. janice has awarded me another award,thanks janice

I have to share 5 facts about myself and then pass the award to 7 other deserving people so that we can find out a little about them as well.

1) i've been on emmerdale.
2) i donate blood and am on the bone marrow list
3) i don't like change-love rountines
4) i'm very much a morning person
5) my nickname at home is ickle because i'm the smallest in the house LOL

now i need to pass it on,not sure i can pass to 7 because i don't visit that many blogs,tend to stick to the same ones.
1- elaine - magic boxes
2- claire - glitterface creations


CLARE said...

Thanks Tracy - what were you doing in Emmerdale?

Janice said...

Interesting facts Tracy! What a great way to find out about each other.

Traceyr said...

Great facts there Tracy - didn't realise you are an actress! hahaha


magic boxes said...

Hi Tracy

Pleas forgive me for taking until now to leave you a message but this week has flown by way too fast - only THREE weeks to Christmas OMG!!!

A BIG HUGE thank you for this award. I am 'over the moon' that you thought of me.

Thank you soooo much!

Elaine OXOXO

Traceyr said...

Just wanted to wish you and your family a happy new year Tracy. I look forward to seeing what you create next year. x x


Sharon said...

Happy New Year Tracy.....x