Sunday, 29 November 2009


Yay i've got my first ever award,it was given to me by tracey way back on 16th november (sorry it's taken me so long!!)
Now the rules of this award are to thank the person for the award and pass it on to at least 7 people who deserve it and then list 10 honest things about myself ...
1)i will be 40 next year
2)i love silly jokes
3)i've fancied my husband since i was 14!
4)i have loads of different pets
5)my favorite animal is a pig(just don't have room for one of those!)
6)i'm scared stiff of horses
7)i'd love to have another baby!
8)i don't like rude people
9)i'm struggling with my weight!
10) i consider myself to be pagan :)

i would like to pass this award onto.sharon, sue, gez, kathy, hazel, and di who all have lovely blogs full of lots of yummy stuff :)


Janice said...

Another Baby!!!!! Well Tracy you are full of surprises. Some of those facts I knew but it is always interesting to see what people say about themselves.

Traceyr said...

OOO Tracy we have a few things in common. But not the baby one though. :)

Janice said...

Here is your second award, they are coming thick and fast now! It's on my blog.

Hazel said...

Interesting facts, Tracy - I'm surprised though that you haven't made room for your fav animal! And, yay! I've seen my name for the award - thank you! (I'll have to think now what I can divulge about myself!) x

Gez said...

Tracy I missed this!! soooo sorry hun. Thank You for thinking of me.

If you follow my link HERE scroll down...a bit! & you will see your name! What are we like. :)

Good Luck for Sunday if you're working. Thanks again! Hugs, Gez.xx