Wednesday, 11 January 2012

10+11 !!!

suzie's prompt for 10 was 'metallic'
my photo is of my hoover pipe!! not much to say about that really is there !!!

prompt 11 was 'an item of clothing'
mine is a photo of a scarve i brought way back when i was about 13 years old!!! i brought it when we lived in germany and they were all the rage-even the boys wore's very thin now and doesn't give much protection from the weather but i wear it round the house when it's a little chilly! as you can see it's well worn and has a hole in it and somewhere along the line one corner has been bleached!.....i love this scarve:)


Suzie said...

Tracy I think that type of scarf is all the rage again! It looks well loved. Bleugh to the hoover though haha :D

kim said...

It is very fashionable now!!!!! I collect scarves every winter!

Traceyr said...

Tracy I couldn't "see" the hoover pipe when I first looked at the photo, haha, great to take the photo at a different angle.

AAh a piece of clothing with so many memories, how wonderful.


Hazel said...

Just having a catch up of what I've missed since my last visit. Love all your photo prompts, particularly Poppy. Wouldn't have guessed what this one was. As for the scarf, it's lovely to have something that you can still wear that has memories - I've shown a piece of clothing from long, long ago, but I can't wear it now! x