Saturday, 21 January 2012

365 catch up!!

got a bit behind with these.......
17 was naughty....the cake fridge at work-to say we're a small place it's amazing how many cakes we go through-people round here really are naughty!!! darling hubby-he's very pleasuable ;)

19-bad for you......this is work-what more can i say LOL (for some reason this picture just wont go the right way round!!!)

20-sign.....even though this sign is quite big and very bright it's amazing how many people trip up and fall down the step-i do a little laugh inside everytime LOL


Suzie said...

lol! I would be one of those tripping over the step - completely oblivious to that type of sign! Dave usually says 'didn't you see the sign?" and I'll go 'what sign?!' lol :) Thanks for catching up! :D x

Kaz said...

I think it may be better for that photo to stay upside down!!!!

mmm cakes xxx

Hazel said...

Fab catch up, Tracy - and I love the art journal cover you've shown below x