Tuesday, 10 January 2012

8+9 !!

prompt 8 from suzie was 'cosy'
this is poppy,she was all cosy on our bed but heard me coming and looked up!

prompt 9 was 'water'
this is a picture of a filtration system for our marine tank.....it in effect doubles the size of the tank and therefore doubles the amount of water and is easier to filter (or something like that!) mike did this just after christmas.....pretty isn't it LOL (good job i'm not house proud LOL)


Angelnorth said...

Poppy still looks cosy and snug! not sure about that filtration system though - maybe you could sell it as modern art?!

Paddy said...

Well done on keeping up with the themes!! Lovely picture of Poppy. Not so sure about the tank!!!!! xx

Suzie said...

Oh Poppy is adorable! The tank would drive me mad though ... and I could not be described as houseproud! lol :)

Kaz said...

LOL!!! I love Poppy's face!! She is beautiful. well done for coping with the filter!! xx